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Vote for Kathryn for MUSD in the General Election on November 8th, 2022

I am a parent of two children who have attended MUSD schools throughout their elementary and high school years. I have been an active school volunteer within the district for 15 years, serving as a volunteer parent in the classroom, and a member of the PTO board. I have been an active community member in various other volunteer organizations, serving on multiple boards and different roles for over 15 years.

I am firmly convinced about the success of public-school education in the Marana Unified School District. I have a unique perspective of first-hand experience of being a parent of a child with autism navigating the public school system, seeing and hearing the needs of other students, teachers, and families both inside and outside the classroom, and understanding the importance of successful public schools within the community.



From insuring that our most vulnerable students receive the education and supports for success to working with our state legislature to increase public education funding to encouraging diversity and inclusion through district policies and implementation Kathryn will always be your advocate.


Build relationships in the community to include pathways to employment and training in conjunction with CTE and JTED to insure the availability of options for students who follow this path. CTE and JTED programs prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and career skills needed to compete successfully in the job market.


Support the School Bond Proposition 491 which includes $10 million earmarked for school safety. All students — no matter where they live or where they come from — deserve to attend public schools that are safe, desirable environments where teaching and learning can occur.


Wants to provide the supports and resources necessary to regain the literacy gap for our students.


Save Our Schools Arizona

Pima Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO

MOMS Demand Action

Gun Sense Candidate

Arizona National Organization for Woman

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elect kathryn mikronis and abbie hlavacek

Parents should be involved in the decision-making process of their children's schools. Currently, not a single board member has children attending any of the schools in the Marana Unified District.

Let's change this by voting for Abbie Hlavacek and Kathryn Mikronis - two moms on a mission - this November 8th, 2020.

Abbie Hlavacek has three children who currently benefit from a Marana Unified education. One child is a GEM kid, and the other has special needs, and Marana Unified caters to them both wonderfully, meeting the needs of each. Abbie knows how important it is to partner with teachers to foster a positive learning environment and ensure kids are on the right track.

As a proud product of public schools and a person with a disability, advocating is not new to her. She advocates for herself every day and her children and wants to be a part of Marana Unified and have ALL children experience great opportunities within their education.

Read more about Abbie Hlavacek here.