Kathryn Mikronis

Kathryn's Story

Kathryn is a 52-year-old mother of two living in Continental Ranch in Marana.

Her daughter, Jo, attended MUSD from preschool to graduation from Marana High in 2021. She is currently an Environmental Science major at the University of Arizona.

Kathryn’s son, Jimmy, attended MUSD from preschool to currently attending Marana High School in the 12th grade.

She decided to run for a seat on the school board to improve the educational experience for ALL the children in our district through innovation, supporting students and staff, collaborating with administration and teachers, and being open to new ideas.

She want to address many issues that we have seen arise this year such as

  • Protests at Marana High School

  • District dress code and policies for enforcement

  • Special needs students experiences within the district

  • Following best practices to ensure the safety of our students, staff, families and community, and the future of MUSD.